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Raspberry Rossa Big, bold Italian grapes and Alaskan raspberries combine to make this dry dinner wine Dry $26.00
Shirazzberry Shiraz from 'Down Under' with a pleasing zippy Alaska raspberry twist Dry $25.00
Blueberry Mirlo One of our popular fruit-flavored special blends-soft and easy Med $25.00
Alaskan Chardonnay Clean, crisp with a smooth finish. It will win over the non-chard fans! Dry $18.00
Spring Harvest Our most unsuspecting wine, made from 100% rhubarb. Unique and crisp with no residual sugar. Med-Dry $18.00
Wild Berry A coutnry wine blend of Blueberry, Strawberry, Rhubarb, and Raspberry is a favorite with all our regulars Med $18.00
Blu Zin Refrshing and spirited. An Alaskan twist on traditional White Zinfandel Med-Sweet $25.00
Pomegranate This wine has a delightful aroma with a spicy sweetness that leaves you wanting more after the first sip. Sweet $20.00
Blueberry An exploding rich blueberry taste, this wine is full bodied and smooth. Sweet $25.00
Black Currant Soft and smooth with a kiss of tartness and a finish that keeps on going! Sweet $24.00
Strawberry Rhubarb Our most popular wine. It is light and starts with the sweet essence of strawberries finishing dry and tart from the rhubarb. Med-Sweet $20.00
Black Raspberry A Sweeter wine bursting with true-to-the-fruit flavor Sweet $20.00
Alaskan Port Rich and warm, this full-bodied classic is crafted in the ruby port style and finishes with a lingering fruity flavor. Sweet $14.00 (375 ml)
$27.00 (750 ml)


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Kiwi-Pear Spring Wine (April-June), expresses subtle, delicate fruit flavors that tease the pallet with the coming flavors of summer $20.00
Peach-Apricot Summer Wine (July-Sept), bold peach flavors dominate this wine, perfect on a hot summer day $20.00
Green Apple Fall Wine (Oct-Dec), tastes like biting into a crisp green apple with a pleasant tartness followed by a sweet finish. $20.00
Christmas Berry Holiday Season (Nov-Dec), a blend of elderberry , cranberry, and red grape wines. This dark wine pairs well with any holiday food favorite. $24.00
Chocolate Raspberry Port Winter (Jan-Mar) When paired with a chocolate brownie it is a weclome treat during our cold Alaskan winters. $14.00 (375 ml)
$27.00 (750 ml)

Tasting Room Exclusives

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To follow new varietal releases:
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Meads Distinctive wines made with pure Alaskan honey  
Melomels Honey wines infused with fruits and berries  
House Red Traditional red grape wines  
Ice Wine A sweet Riesling dessert wine  
Cups Red A blend of traditional red wines spiced up with cranbery wine  
*Note that these are the suggested retail prices and that actual retail price can vary from state to state and sometimes from store to store.