koi pond

Berry Purchase Details

Fruit Varieties we Buy Prices are per the pound
Rhubarb Stalks (with leaf and root bud removed)
Chopped Rhubarb (chop into 1"-2" sections)
Red Raspberries
Yellow Raspberries
Black Currants
Apples (200lb Minimum, We accept all varieties)
Low Bush Cranberries

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Delivery Details:

Deliver to our tasting room at 60203 Bear Creek Dr. during the following hours:

Summer: Mid-May through Mid-Sept

Winter: Mid-Sept through Mid-May

We pay cash upon delivery for fruit that is in acceptable condition.

Condition of the Fruit:

All fruit must be grown in the state of Alaska

Clean of sticks, leaves, and material other than fruit. The fruit may be fresh or frozen and should be contained in clean, robust plastic bags with no holes.* Bags should be filled to no more than 30 pounds.Gallon ziploc bags work well for raspberries and white kitchen garbage sacks work well for everything else.

*Apples are an exception in that they must be fresh and may be held in cardboard or other containers that you are prepaired to leave with the winery.