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Our History and Philosophy

The wines produced by Glacier Bear Winery are unwavering in their loyalty to create unblended fruit wines from Alaska grown fruit. We source our berries from Alaskan growers and gatherers, which means that some of our berries are better than organic, they literally grow in the wild. For this reason these wines are some of the best fruit wines in the world. Their intense colors and expressive fruit flavors set them apart and are a result of their extreme, northern latitude growing conditions. Glacier Bear wines are characterized by intense, fruit forward, rich, balanced flavors that leave no question as to the raw fruit that they came from.

This vision of pure fruit wines from locally grown berries has always existed in the Bear Creek Wine Company but it required a lot of hard work to make it a reality. It took 10 years of developing a network and working with growers in the state before we were confident that our fruit sources could reliably deliver enough high quality fruit year after year.  The culmination of that original vision has been realized in the Glacier Bear Winery brand. At the heart of the creation of Glacier Bear is Bear Creek Winery’s winemaker, Louis Maurer, who now oversees the crafting of both brands.

The art of creating beverages has always enchanted Louis, from making sodas as a teenager to hobby beer and wine brewing in his twenties. When he married the daughter of Bear Creek Winery owner and fruit wine entrepreneur, Bill Fry, it was not long before collaboration between the two started. After apprenticing under Bill, Louis started experimenting with his own styles and flavor profiles. The Glacier Bear Winery concept was the perfect place for him to apply his own style and creativity and combined with the robust fruit sourcing network developed over the years it was the perfect time for Glacier Bear Winery to break off and stand alone as a supporting brand for Bear Creek Wine Company.

We hope you enjoy these wines that embody the best of what the rich Alaska soil has to offer.