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~Wine and Food Pairings~

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ALASKAN CHARDONNAY ~ THE SEAFOOD WINE! A perfect blend of rhubarb and chardonnay.  Pairs perfectly with halibut, crab, shrimp, oysters, cod, scallops, rockfish and salmon. Also compliments chicken and turkey dishes and is yummy with sautéed mushrooms. Try it with homemade macaroni and cheese or smoked Halibut.    DRY

SPRING HARVEST WINE ~ Defines the true image of an Alaskan wine, and easy on the palate. Imagine sipping a cool, perfect glass of wine while sitting on the deck on a sunny afternoon, overlooking Kachemak Bay. Pairs PERFECTLY with spicy dishes; Asian, Italian, Mexican and Indian influenced dishes. Also pairs well with smoked meats, salmon, pork, lamb, crab, extra sharp cheeses, and blue cheese. Try it with gumbo or jambalaya. MEDIUM to DRY

GOOSEBERRY WINE~ The Sauvignon Blanc of Alaska. A distinctive, bright white wine made from gooseberries, which has flavors of green grape, kiwi, citrus fruit and peach.  An excellent seafood accompaniment. Also pairs well with cheddar cheeses, Asian cuisine and smokey flavors. Serve it with seared Ahi or chicken piccata or California sushi roll.     MED to DRY

SNO GOOSE ~ A hint of bright sweetness, with subtle, oak herb, green and earthy flavors that finishes smooth and lingers on the palate ever so slightly before it is gone, just like the snow goose migration up to the arctic coast . This is a favorite to pour with fresh halibut, cod, crab, oysters, pork dishes, chicken, creamy herb dishes, white sauces with pasta, and vegetarian dishes or just enjoy sipping it on the deck on a sunny summer day. Serve chilled. MED TO  DRY

BLUEBERRY MIRLO ~  A crowd-pleasing fruit forward special blend. Look no further when shopping for your next wine and cheese gathering to share something new and fun.  Excellent pairing wine with creamy cheeses. Try it with havarti, Brie, mild brick, feta, cream cheese based quiches, cheese fondue, and mild cheddar. Perfectly complements Stilton cheese as well, which makes the blueberry flavor just pop! The sweetness of the blueberry compliments the strong, spicy salty flavors of the Stilton. Also pairs well with smoked meat, nuts, salmon, spicy tomato based sauces and steak.    MED

RASPBERRY WINE ~ THE BARBEQUE WINE! A little bit of Alaskan summer in a glass.  The perfect wine to drink when serving salty or smoky foods. Try it with smoked salmon or Thai food.  Great with Stilton cheese and other sharp, strong flavored and salty cheeses.   MED

WILDBERRY WINE ~ Our house blend at Bear Creek Winery. This is a lovely berry wine! Pairs well with extra sharp cheeses, Italian and Mexican foods, pork, ham, lamb, turkey, Caesar salad and salads dressed with vinaigrettes and smoked salmon.    MED

RASPBERRY ROSSA ~  Big, bold Italian grapes and Alaskan raspberries make this the perfect wine to pair with bolder food; salmon, spicy dishes, smoked salmon, sausage and duck. This wine would be an excellent accompaniment to serve with the basic cheese and sausage platter making it more than ordinary!     DRY

SHIRAZZBERRY ~ A sassy combination of Alaskan raspberry and Australian Shiraz. Pairs perfectly with bold, spicy and salty flavors. Sausage, sharp cheeses, Italian food. Pasta dishes with creamy sauces as well as barbeque and Cajun dishes.    DRY

BLU ZIN ~ Blueberries and white zinfandel make this the Alaskan Zinfandel. Pairs well with tomato sauce based dishes, such as chili, spaghetti and Tuscan creamy tomato soup. Great wine to serve with pork, turkey, cheddar, smokey foods. Try it with chicken Marsala.  MED to SWEET

STRAWBERRY RHUBARB ~ THE CHEESE WINE The essence of strawberries with a dry finish. The winery chef calls this wine “strawberry fields in a glass.” It is THE CHEESE WINE, complimenting any cheese. Serve it with your Easter ham and scalloped potatoes. Excellent with your favorite curry dish, you’ll be sure to impress your guests. MED TO SWEET

RASPBERRY RHUBARB ~ Sweet Rhubarb blended with Sassy Raspberry meet in the middle for a sweet & tangy mix.  Great with smoked fish, BBQ, smokey sharp cheeses, smoked meats. Sweeter than the original version & more popular too.  SWEET

BLUEBERRY ~ At first taste, this wine rolls across the palate straight on as full bodied and smooth. Then it explodes with a true and rich blueberry taste. Neither too dry nor too sweet, blueberry wine compliments just about any cuisine that you may be dining upon. SWEET

BLACK CURRANT ~ Seductive, mysterious, and smooth. A must try!  Slightly sweet, refined and subtle. Meant to be enjoyed with salmon, pork, lamb, duck, turkey, and fine cheeses, such as havarti, gruyere, or brie in pastry. Serve cool. SWEET

BLACK RASPBERRY ~ A Bear Creek Winery instant best seller! This special treasure of the tasting room is jammed packed with sweet black raspberries for a perfect fruit forward flavor. Serve with everything from Filet Mignon to chocolate truffles. A sweet ending to a special dinner. The ladies are especially partial to this one. Serve slightly cool.  SWEET

ALASKA PORT ~ THE CHOCOLATE WINE Rich, warm, and generous in character, this full bodied classic, rich royal, and decadent glass of class. Intricate layers of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and deep wine complexities. Appeals to all palates, both port connoisseurs, and novices alike. SWEET

POMEGRANATE~This blend of pomegranate and grape has a delightful aroma with a tangy sweetness that leaves you wanting more after your first sip! Compliments chicken, duck, sausage, red salmon or try it with pizza. SWEET